Blog has a “brand” new look

At Symbria, we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of client service. That’s why I am so pleased to announce that we’ve launched an exciting new corporate website this morning.

After almost a year in development, our redesigned website is the final component of the Symbria rebranding initiative that began last May – and serves as the flagship of our digital presence. The new fully realizes our brand potential by providing a modern look and engaging content that clearly communicates how we help post-acute and senior-living providers deliver proven quality and better manage costs.

The launch of this new website also gives us an opportunity to provide more in-depth information about our company – and the therapy and pharmacy services, wellness programs, and data collection and reporting products and services that Alliance Rehab, Symbria Rx Services, and Symbria Analytics provide. In fact, we’re dedicating an entire section of our website to this goal – the new Symbria blog, Symbriacumen.

Symbriacumen will feature weekly posts; some of them will come from me, but many will be written by the people who make our company and its divisions work. Readers will get to know what drives us, how we think, and what we think about the trends and challenges facing our clients and our industry as a whole. And we’ll welcome others who have something to say to join the conversation.

Keep checking for enhancements in the coming months, including a new Symbria social media presence. We also invite you to subscribe to our blog to make sure weekly updates are delivered directly to your inbox.

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