Strategic Transformation: From Confidence to inQ

In 2013, Symbria Analytics and LSN (now LeadingAge Illinois) joined forces to redesign the LSN Confidence Satisfaction Survey into a new suite of survey products. The launch this year of the inQ Annual Skilled Nursing Resident Power Survey marked the culmination of nearly a year of development work by the NIU Center for Human Capital & Leadership and Symbria Analytics to leverage innovative thinking in survey development – and advanced data collection and analytic technologies – to capture accurate, timely, and actionable data.
The key objectives of the survey redesign process included:
  • Increasing the strategic relevance of the survey.
  • Improving client and user experience.
During this process, we applied three survey design principles to yield valid results while also promoting a positive user experience. We will discuss the first principle in the remainder of this blog post: Designing surveys with client needs in mind.
Principle 1: Design surveys with the client’s needs in mind
As we began the process of redesigning the survey, we asked a key question: How is this survey going to be used? To avoid user fatigue, it’s important to only include items that the client can use to improve the experiences of its residents, families, and employees. During this process, Symbria Analytics identified two primary needs: 
  1. A few survey items to take the pulse of the organization and track its health over time (e.g., employee/customer loyalty). 
  2. A larger set of “drill-down” questions to identify specific issues and opportunities (e.g., quality of management response to service issues). 
We took this feedback and created two versions of each survey: 
  • inQ Power Surveys: Concise, short-format surveys that cover all quality, safety, and resident experience factors with a significant impact on resident satisfaction.
  • inQ Expanded Surveys: Include additional broader-scope demographic questions and drill-down items, as well as the opportunity to add custom questions.
A Guide to Effective Survey Design Principles
What additional principles are required for effective survey design? This post is the first in our series on the inQ Annual Skilled Nursing Resident Power Survey. In this series, you’ll learn about two additional principles that we used to develop this experience survey:
  • Principle 2: Design scientifically valid resident survey content. 
  • Principle 3: Make survey results actionable.
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About the author 
Mahesh Subramony, PhD, is an Associate Professor, Department of Management, and Director, Center for Human Capital & Leadership, Northern Illinois University. His publications have appeared in several scholarly journals including, Human Resource Management and the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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