How to design scientifically valid resident survey content for post-acute and senior-living providers

During the past year, Symbria Analytics and the NIU Center for Human Capital & Leadership redeveloped the LSN Confidence Satisfaction survey into the new inQ Annual Skilled Nursing Resident Power Survey. In last week's blog post, we explained how we designed the new resident survey with the client's needs in mind. This week, we'll explain the second principle we used to develop the survey: Designing valid survey content.

Principle 2: Design scientifically valid resident survey content

To develop the items for the new resident survey, the Symbria Analytics team and the NIU Center for Human Capital & Leadership convened a panel of healthcare experts. This panel included nationally renowned professors of healthcare quality, services marketing, employee engagement, and change management. Together, we created a pool of items that captured the key issues faced by healthcare organizations in effectively delivering services.

For instance, the resident survey – as well as family surveys and others – now consist of items that measure the quality of service, skills of providers, overall client satisfaction, and the Net Promoter Score (percentage of promoters versus detractors). All of these measures are based on scientifically validated studies conducted in other settings. In addition, the expert panel paid extra attention to the wording of the survey items to ensure they were clear and unambiguous. Finally, we focused on using scales throughout the surveys that captured the full gamut of possible responses, while also being easy to rate.

The final design principle for an effective experience survey is making survey results actionable. We will discuss this principle in next week's blog post.


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Mahesh Subramony, PhD, is an Associate Professor, Department of Management, and Director, Center for Human Capital & Leadership, Northern Illinois University. His publications have appeared in several scholarly journals including, Human Resource Management and the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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