How to get actionable results from post-acute patient and senior-living resident experience surveys

The first two posts in our Effective Survey Design Principles blog series explained how Symbria Analytics and the NIU Center for Human Capital & Leadership developed the new inQ Annual Skilled Nursing Resident Power Survey by designing surveys with the client's needs in mind and developing scientifically valid resident survey content. This week, we will explain the final design principle that we used to create this new experience survey: Making results actionable.

Principle 3: Make the results of an experience survey actionable

The key to effective survey design is ensuring that the feedback provided by users is actionable. That is why our experience surveys directly facilitate action. In fact, our Power and Expanded surveys each have their own strengths as measurement tools.

During nearly a year of development work, we conducted key driver analyses to identify what exactly creates employee or client satisfaction and loyalty. Knowing these types of key drivers allows clients to strategically focus on the few pertinent issues that are most important in influencing outcomes for their organization. For instance, using statistical techniques, we can find out which aspects of employees' workplace experiences drive their loyalty and influence resident satisfaction.

With rigorous application of this principle, as well as the principles presented in our previous blog posts, Symbria Analytics and the NIU Center for Human Capital & Leadership have designed a scientifically valid, strategic, and user-friendly survey system: inQ Experience Surveys.


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Mahesh Subramony, PhD, is an Associate Professor, Department of Management, and Director, Center for Human Capital & Leadership, Northern Illinois University. His publications have appeared in several scholarly journals including, Human Resource Management and the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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