Meet Symbria’s new Chief Human Resources Officer Deb Bragg

Symbria's first-ever Chief Human Resources Officer Deb Bragg oversees all human resources (HR) functions for all Symbria companies. With the help of her team, she is responsible for providing leadership and establishing and implementing the HR strategies that support Symbria's mission and success. Deb leads benefits and compensation, employee relations, talent acquisition, leadership and organization development, training, succession planning, and employee engagement. Along with this broad scope of responsibilities, she is also working to ensure that HR keeps pace with the needs of a fast-growing company like Symbria.

"As the company continues to expand, it's important to assess what our organization needs from HR," says Deb. "After gaining a thorough understanding of the business, I'll work with the HR team to identify areas where we need to add services or make changes to help our employee-owners better meet the needs of clients."

Deb has a passion for healthcare as well as extensive experience in healthcare HR. Before joining Symbria, she worked for University HealthSystem Consortium, a leading provider of products and services for teaching hospitals, for nearly 20 years. Deb earned a B.A. in Communications from Loyola University and an M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University.

"I am excited to be part of the Symbria team because I enjoy working in healthcare and in an environment where serving others is valued," says Deb. "I was drawn to Symbria because of our leaders' mission-over-margin mindset, which makes it possible for our clients to provide the best possible care for seniors."

She lives in Bolingbrook with her husband Don. Although Deb and Don went to the same high school, they didn't meet until six years ago at the home of a mutual friend and were married two years later. The family includes Deb's stepdaughter Alyssa as well as three "fur babies" – two cats and a dog. Deb and Don also share a love of classic cars and are currently working together to restore a 1957 Chevy Bel Air hot rod.

Deb believes that kindness is key to success in all aspects of life, including business. "My philosophy is be fair, be kind, and be strong," she says. "You can do everything with kindness, but you have to bookend it with strength and fairness."