Symbria Service Match

Symbria Service MatchTM

Keep residents safer – and aging in place longer – with a proven comprehensive assessment that helps you match residents with services they need.

Symbria's easy-to-use, broad-ranging Service Match digital tool provides objective and reliable measurement of the functional and life management capabilities of your residents.

Early detection is a key factor in keeping residents safe and helping them age in place longer. It helps identify seniors who, with some targeted additional services, can remain in the lowest-cost, most-independent setting.

By assessing all key areas of competence including ambulation, medication management, and cognitive function, Service Match identifies potential risks for loss of independence. Most importantly, it pinpoints specific opportunities to intervene, refer to appropriate resources and programs, and preserve independence as long as possible.

Your residents and your community benefit:

  • Combines 8 evidence-based and research-proven assessment tools to help measure resident physical, cognitive, and life management capacity and function.
  • Objectively identifying vulnerabilities promotes more informed and engaged decision-making about lifestyle choices and appropriate intervention.
  • Better risk management supports resident safety and efficient operations.
  • Residents and families can be confident their living environment offers the right balance of independence and safety.
  • Aligning your community and recommendations for services with residents’ goals heightens both resident and family satisfaction.

Online digital features and benefits to increase staff efficiency and more.

Symbria Service MatchSymbria Service Match

  • NEW On-demand reporting provides key insights, including resident status over time and community admission data.
  • NEW App goes where assessor goes: on a laptop, tablet or smart phone. All that’s needed is a wifi connection.
  • NEW Assessment results, along with social worker/nurse notes and observations, automatically feed into Symbria’s proprietary Wassenaar score.

Contact us today for information on subscribing to Symbria Service Match and take the first step toward better decision making for your residents and improved risk management for your community.



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