Our provider partners value the programs and the outcomes they gain to stand apart from their competitors.

Symbria Rx Services state-of-the-art strip packaging pharmacy programs support all settings – from assisted living to skilled nursing short-stay and long-term care – and deliver the benefits that come from sophisticated technology:

  • Proven time savings over punch-card systems for skilled nursing and assisted living med administration translate into happier nurses and lower operating costs
  • High-value, sophisticated benchmark reporting for skilled nursing offers the means to maintain the cost control required to participate confidently in managed care contracts, shared-risk arrangements, and the payment models to come
  • Online access to tools for speedy new admission drug quotes, easy returns, smoother transitions to home, and more
  • Improved resident medication adherence for independent living and safer, easier med supervision for assisted living
pharmacy services
We process test claims with payers to obtain authorization for ordered medications or alternatives. So if a payer denies a test claim, our workflow includes follow-up with communities and physicians for prior authorizations.

Nurses, managers, and marketers in every type of community can work easier and smarter.

We have been technology leaders for 20 years and will continue to invest in efficiency-building advancements, highly-qualified customer support, and the development of innovative solutions that help you serve your residents better. The result is a service-focused experience that:

  • Bolsters your staff, patient, resident, and family satisfaction
  • Supports your quality rating
  • Gives you a great story to tell potential referral sources and residents


The better you understand our approach, the better you appreciate our value:

  • Our MySymbria portal offers anytime access to valuable reporting and productivity tools, like Part A cost benchmarking, discharge planning to streamline transitions, drug quoting todetermine prospective patient fit before admission, and more.

  • From our automated short-cycle dispensing for skilled nursing (including a one-day dispense option) to our innovative dispensing options for assisted-living, we make medication management safe and easy.

  • We help control costs for everyone from patients to providers through our fast online access to sophisticated information, personalized customer service and education, and emphasis on reducing waste.

We apply our deep expertise and specialized experience in geriatric medication management to deliver a comprehensive range of pharmacy services to life plan communities and free-standing nursing homes and senior-living providers:

Skilled-nursing pharmacy services

Our automated short-cycle dispensing supports nurse efficiency and improves patient care.  
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Assisted living pharmacy services

Personalized, comprehensive medication management improves resident and staff satisfaction.
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