Set your community apart with specialized respiratory therapy and pulmonary rehab.

Alliance Rehab’s best-practice driven Respiratory Therapy and Pulmonary Rehab program integrates clinical delivery, nursing, and rehab services to optimize outcomes.

Designed to provide the highest quality care and support for residents with respiratory diseases and lung disorders, our comprehensive services include:

  1. A full range of modalities:
    • Oxygen therapy
    • Aerosol delivery
    • Airway care
    • Pulmonary diagnostics
    • Pulmonary rehab techniques
  2. The highest standard of care provided by licensed, certified, and registered respiratory therapists.
  3. Ongoing respiratory assessment of residents’ clinical status.
  4. Respiratory therapy equipment recommendations.
  5. Clear, consistent communication with nurses and physical therapists.
  6. Nursing staff education and training.

Enhance residents’ quality of life and contribute to the sustainable success of your community.

The Alliance Rehab Respiratory Therapy and Pulmonary Rehab Program delivers these value-added benefits:

  1. Strengthens your competitive advantage by facilitating admission of higher-acuity residents with co-morbidities and respiratory diseases, pneumonia, obstructive and restrictive lung disorders, and tracheostomies.
  2. Improves outcomes and reduces resident readmission to hospitals.
  3. Creates opportunities to align reimbursement with higher rehab RUGS categories and enhanced case mix index scores.