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Experience Surveys: Satisfaction Surveys on Steroids


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Negative resident experiences can have a considerable effect on your senior-living or post-acute-care community. In fact, just one unhappy resident could cause a ripple of dissatisfaction that, left unchecked, may increase turnover and fixed costs per resident, leave fewer resources for operating expenses, and drive a tide of negative word-of mouth that flows through neighborhoods, hospitals, and other referral sources in your area.

This white paper explains seven ways that experience surveys deliver actionable data to help you improve – and promote – your community, including:

  • Benchmarking data that shows how well you stack up against similar senior-living and post-acute-care providers in your area.
  • Clear, well-organized reporting that highlights your strengths in a way that speaks volumes to referral sources, prospective residents, and family members.
  • The one number – your Net Promoter Score – that tells you if residents would recommend your community to others.

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