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Choosing a Med-Pass System: Bingo Cards or Strip Packaging? 

Symbria med pass time research

According to a new research study, senior-living communities can save a significant amount of nurse time when they choose to use a strip packaging med-pass system instead of bingo cards for the oral medications nurses administer to long-term-care and post-acute-care residents.

This research summary will help you understand how strip packaging provides a more efficient, less time-intensive form of packaging than bingo cards:

  • Learn how strip packaging allows nurses to perform fewer – and less complicated – steps during med pass.
  • Find out why bingo-card packaging created nearly 19% more interruptions than strip packaging during this study.
  • See how much medication-preparation time your nurses could save per resident with strip packaging.

Download this free research summary now to learn how much nurse time strip packaging could save your community.


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