Symbria and Parata Announce Exclusive Agreement

Warrenville, Illinois, November 13, 2018 – Symbria, Inc. and Parata Systems, LLC are pleased to announce their partnership whereby Symbria will exclusively operate Parata’s leading-edge pharmacy automation equipment at their facilities. Symbria’s pharmacies package a high volume of medication for their clients, and it is vital to have efficient, state-of-the-art technology to support this demand. Parata’s automated equipment enables Symbria to keep streamlined production, reduce errors, and enable pharmacy staff to engage in higher-level support to their clients. Symbria’s client communities and their patients can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of the medications provided.

“We are thrilled to leverage this level of efficiency, accuracy, and patient benefits of Parata’s pharmacy equipment to our clients.” said Derek Brown, Director of Pharmacy. “We elected to work exclusively with Parata because of the confidence we have gained in their systems through their world-class innovation and reliability. Their systems consistently provide Symbria the high standard of service that we require for our clients and that they demand from us.”

Mark Longley, Parata’s EVP of Sales and Business Development, added, “Partnerships like the one we share with Symbria benefit us all because we can keep the dialogue going. We know the best solutions often come from our customers, and we’re excited to continuously innovate to provide the technology and advice people can count on.”

Symbria’s pharmacies dispense approximately 42,000 medication pouches for their patients each day using Parata’s end-to-end solutions. Symbria relies on Parata’s PASS 500 units for strip-packaging and Parata’s Perl to ensure precision.

About Parata Systems, LLC

Parata Systems provides pharmacy technology solutions that empower pharmacists to help people lead healthier lives. Founded in 2001, Parata offers the most extensive pharmacy automation portfolio in the industry – designing, building and supporting both vial-filling and pouch-packaging solutions.

The Parata PASS suite, the latest technology in medication management, elevates pharmacists’ role in addressing the $290-billion challenge of medication adherence and secures their spot on the health care team.

About Symbria, Inc.

Symbria helps organizations and those they serve to perform at their best. Our next-generation analytics and clinical expertise guide a symbiotic approach to our comprehensive array of pharmacy, rehab, and wellness programs and services.

Symbria provides outcome-driven programs, services, and tools for all settings, including skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, outpatient, and home health. 

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