Comprehensive medication management for assisted-living communities.

Personalized, comprehensive medication management from Symbria Rx Services is designed specifically for assisted-living communities. It keeps your residents safer and makes life easier for your staff.

Our assisted-living pharmacy delivers the following advantages to set your community apart:

  • Improved efficiency and safety. Our convenient, easy-to-use packaging options work with your medication management model, save time, reduce errors, and deliver priceless peace of mind to assisted-living residents and their families. We offer two dispensing options:
    1. Pre-sorted 7-day multi-dose strips identified with resident name, medication name, dosage, date, and administration time for communities doing nurse med passes.

    2. 14-day multi-dose strips identified with administration day and time to streamline medication supervision by non-professional staff.

  • Free and frequent delivery, fewer refill orders. We deliver to your assisted-living community once or twice a day and fill emergency orders on request. Most refills are automatically delivered on your community's regular cycle.

  • Unique supervision MAR structures this critical task for non-professional staff. Med photos, resident photos (if available), check boxes, and notes area guide CNAs and assistants through best-practice med supervision.

  • Personalized customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable Pharmacy Tech Customer Specialists make regular on-site visits to conduct insurance reviews to reduce assisted-living resident medication costs. They also educate residents about Medicare Part D and insurance options, either in workshops or one-on-one.

  • Trusted expertise. Symbria Pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer questions or meet emergency needs.

  • Single point of contact. Our assisted-living pharmacy techs are always as close as a phone call. Residents and family members have one point of contact and can speak with a real person, not an interactive voice response system.

Learn more about the positive impact that our comprehensive medication management services can have on resident satisfaction and your community's success. View our datasheet or contact us today.