Skilled-nursing pharmacy services that reduce med-pass time and increase patient-care time.

Automated short-cycle dispensing from Symbria Rx Services saves valuable time for your nurses so they can better focus on quality patient care.

Why change?

How about cost control, reduced readmission, better service, and more? Designed specifically for skilled-nursing providers, our comprehensive medication management program delivers:

  • Expert cost management and online access. We help keep costs in check for everyone from patients to providers through formulary management and sophisticated reporting systems, including off-formulary alerts and auto-substitution options. Plus, our streamlined reporting and MySymbria portal provide fast online access to cost, prescribing, and payer data to give you the management power and speed you need.
  • Reduced readmissions. We help reduce costly readmissions by promoting patient compliance through our discharge planner, which streamlines transitions. And we're developing more programs to promote compliance.
  • Trusted skilled-nursing pharmacy expertise and exceptional service. Symbria pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer questions or meet emergency needs. Our Consultant Pharmacists and Nurse Consultants also regularly visit on-site to assist with survey compliance, environmental audits, and nurse education.
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  • Improved efficiency and safety. Orders are packaged and delivered in pre-sorted seven-day strips identified by patient name, medication name, dosage, date, and administration time, enhancing med-pass accuracy and speed. Our leading-edge Check Pass technology also automatically checks all packaging for accuracy, which means fewer returns, less waste, and better cost control. In addition, all orders are bar-coded for use with electronic medication administration record (eMAR) solutions.
  • IV services. We provide all medications, supplies, and equipment needed to deliver IV therapy for hydration, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), and antibiotic therapy, plus an emergency box, nurse education, and more.

Learn how our skilled-nursing pharmacy services can make life easier for your nurses, safer for your patients, and provide the robust reporting you need. View our datasheet or contact us today.